March 2014

March 2014

Sunday, September 9, 2012

‘Good things’ do come in threes.

'Good thing’ number one. I had an unexpected knock on the door a few days ago from the postman. He didn't hand over any post but was thrilled to relay the news that a Mrs Gillian Tarry lived just round the corner - she at number 19 and me at number 29. So, you may ask, what’s this amazing bit of information all about? Well, for those that don’t know, my name is also Mrs Gillian Tarry! What a coincidence, someone with the same name living just doors away. Yesterday, whilst out walking past her house, I noticed a woman – about the same age as me – standing in the doorway of 29 and, you guessed it, I just couldn’t resist introducing myself. We chatted, very amicably, for quite a few minutes and I have resolved to add her to my Christmas card list – it will be fun sending one to Gillian Tarry from Gillian Tarry!

‘Good thing’ number two.  Am I the only shopper in any supermarket that finds the trolley with a wobbly front wheel that travels in only one direction? Today, however, I went shopping at our local Waitrose. On my way into the store I noticed a man, wearing a High-Viz jacket, putting a supermarket trolley through its paces. He wheeled it in one steady direction, then back and forth, before finally zig-zagging down the car park road. What on earth was happening? Well, the mystery was solved when he whipped out an aerosol can of WD-40, sprayed the rolling mechanism, and with triumphant gestures proclaimed the shopping carriage fit for use. Certainly, a ‘good thing’ that I have never before witnessed - I just wish they could now do something about the electric shocks that I have received on a regular basis from supermarket trolleys. Now, that’s another story!

‘Good thing’ number three. My nephew and his family, as well as our daughter and son-in-law, are coming to visit on Sunday and, thank goodness, the weather forecast is set fair. So.....afternoon tea in the garden will be the order of the day and I have decided to make a sultana and vanilla cake to accompany the usual sandwiches, and scones, etc. It’s a recipe that I haven’t tested before but it’s nice to sometimes experiment. It contains the usual store-cupboard ingredients and I will certainly be using rich and intense Ndali Fairtrade organic vanilla - now also available in powder form - which is grown in Uganda. If successful, I will include a photo here and, should you like to know the full list of ingredients and method, just ask.

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