March 2014

March 2014

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Food for thought

Farming and animal welfare can sometimes be an emotive subject and one on which many people have strong views for and against. A dear friend recently sent me a link to a website called Compassion in World Farming since, she wrote in her email, “you are an animal lover and have an interest in baking”: it has proved to be a fascinating and enlightening read.
British dairy farmer, Peter Roberts, had real concerns in the 1960s about the animal welfare issues associated with the new systems of intensive farming at that time.  He decided, in 1967, to really raise awareness of so called ‘factory farming’.
Since that time, the movement has grown and a firm stance has been established against intensive methods practised, in so far as farm animals should not, and need not, suffer.
There are various ways to help this organisation but one certainly caught my eye: Bake with Compassion. The idea is simple: bake with higher welfare ingredients - such as free-range eggs and organic dairy products - and then hold your very own cake sale, dinner party or bake-off during October.
If you are interested, details can be found here:-

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