March 2014

March 2014

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Afternoon tea review - Beckworth Emporium

I am subscribed on the internet to one or two ‘deal’ companies – you know, the ones that offer special rates for goods, services, and travel, etcetera.  About three weeks ago, an email dropped into my inbox from Deal Monster and offered an Afternoon Tea for Two at Beckworth Emporium for the special price of £9.95 – what a bargain! Normally, I take a cursory glance at these emails and delete them but on this occasion - and in the interest of research you understand - I just had to buy this particular deal.
So, last Thursday, hubby and I chose a particularly wet and windy afternoon to cheer ourselves up and we took our trip through the countryside to Beckworth’s near Mears Ashby.  
There can’t be many places like this and I think we are fortunate to have this unique destination in our County. With a produce market, food hall (including deli and butcher), garden nursery and award-winning restaurant all under one roof, it can’t fail to please.
We had a wander through the nursery and, of course, couldn’t resist buying a plant or two before being shown to our seats in the conservatory restaurant. Most of the tables were occupied and many animated conversations were taking place around us which created a happy buzz. The waitress didn’t take long to take our order and we waited in anticipation. Within just a few minutes the drinks arrived followed by our food – oh my goodness, it looked beautiful, what a treat we had in store!
The large black slate brimmed with tempting morsels .The sandwiches were bedecked with green cress and hand-cooked vegetable and potato crisps and contained a variety of fillings – cheddar cheese and tomato, ham and mustard, egg mayonnaise, beef and horseradish, prawn and, finally, brie and cucumber. All were equally delicious, freshly made and tasty.
Did I have room for the sweet course – you bet I did! Now, where to begin, we had such a choice in front of us – caramel sponge cake, mini scones with jam and clotted cream, a fruit tart, shortcake and a tiny portion of trifle.  It was a foodie’s piece of paradise and I threw caution to the wind by sampling everything - only passing a few ‘extras’ to my gallant other half.
The normal price for tea for two is £19.95 and, even at that cost, is good value and I’m sure not many would walk away disappointed. We certainly didn’t.
 I wonder what offers Deal Monster will send me tomorrow.....?

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