March 2014

March 2014

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mothering Sunday

Last December I visited Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton, along with other members of the Clandestine Cake Club. On that occasion I took along some individual Christmas Cakes and the fund-raisers at the hospice asked whether I would make more of these little delights for them on other occasions through the year. And so, coming up to Mothering Sunday, I made a special batch but this time used a lighter simnel cake recipe and incorporated a layer of marzipan within the mixture. 

My sister Lynda, my Mum, my Grandmother, me and daughter Laura
My own mother was a patient in the hospice many years ago and I know I will think back to those days when I deliver the cakes tomorrow. Along with happy and sad memories of the generations of family mums that have gone before me, I can recall each of them, in their own kitchens, cooking and baking for the family, offering bowls and spoons to lick, and sometimes allowing grubby little hands to turn the pastry grey! 

The cakes I baked today, finished, with labels and ribbons, do look so pretty and I hope they will please someone else’s Special Mum this coming weekend.

We traded sleep for dark circles
Salon haircuts for ponytails
Long baths for quick showers
Late nights for early mornings
Designer bags for school bags
And we wouldn’t change a thing!

We call ourselves Mums and we don’t care about what we gave up
And instead LOVE is what we get in return.

That’s what being a Mum is all about!


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