March 2014

March 2014

Monday, February 11, 2013

Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook

This week I have had a busy baking weekend and the resulting three cakes are in the freezer ready for icing in a couple of day’s time. One cake, a Lime and Coconut Drizzle Loaf, will be taken into BBC Radio Northampton when I go for an interview on Wednesday – is this, I wonder, called a ‘sweetener’?! All of the recipes used are taken from the new Clandestine Cake Club cookbook which is due to be launched next Thursday – 14th February.

Various Waterstone’s stores throughout the UK have kindly offered to host a book event for the Club and the other two cakes I have baked, using my own recipes in the book, will be taken to the branch in Abington Street, Northampton. Of course, it’s so exciting to see my recipes and name in print but above all it’s just great that the Club has proved to be so successful – what a wonderful testament to the founder Lynn Hill.

All our members have a variety of reasons for wanting to bake, meet and chat about all things cake related but, in my case, it has proved to be a spark of an interest that has grown into something special and I have been blessed to encounter some wonderful people along the way. The Club has introduced me to new ingredients, new styles of baking, new flavours and new friendships. All of this, and more, is bound up in the new Clandestine Club Cookbook.

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