March 2014

March 2014

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Clandestine Cake Club - 16th June 2012

Following the complete success of our very first meeting in May, I was so pleased that bookings for our second event came in thick and fast. By the week prior to the event, I had 24 attendees and just 1 place spare. Phew..... I had been having kittens worrying that our venue would be too small! As it happened, in the 24 hours prior to the event, I received 8 cancellations- such a shame - and 1 person didn’t turn up at all! Nevertheless, I was really pleased to welcome 11 fellow member bakers and their guests, together with their wonderful cakes.

We had such a varied selection of creations, using our Olympic Rings theme, in all shapes, sizes and flavours, including (forgive me if I have forgotten anyone):
An amazing Olympic podium fruit cake baked by Nikki (what a clever idea), a beautiful Olympic flag carrot cake baked by Debra, a light and fresh berry and almond cake baked by Caroline, a scrumptious Australian banana, lime and coconut cake baked by Sue, an innovative Coca cola cake baked by Jenny, a rich, decorated, Mocha Chinese five spice cake baked by Lisa, a soft and luscious Chocolate fudge cake (complete with Olympic medal) baked by Carmela, a boozy Chocolate rum cake baked by Laura, a delightful American Kentucky nut cake baked by Christine, a flavoursome Coffee and walnut cake baked by Marian, my own Frosted raspberry and almond cake - PLUS a guest also baked and brought along her very first cake ever  – just wonderful! I do really think that all the continents, which are represented by the Olympic Rings, were truly represented.
Owners, sisters Amy and Bridey, of the ARTea room at Wakefield Farm, near Potterspury, had laid out the tables so nicely and served the accompanying drinks in pretty dainty china cups and saucers, with knitted cosies on the teapots. The rooms had lots of little treasures and pictures to buy and I’m sure that some of our members will happily return to this newly introduced gem in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside.
At the end of our meeting, we all managed to take home slices of our favourite cakes, or ones that we wanted to try but didn’t have room for in our tummies. The remaining pieces were packed and delivered to the Oncology day unit at Northampton General Hospital. It’s a lovely thought that some of the patients attending for their cancer treatment today will be offered a slice of comforting Clandestine Club Cake.

(PS - Further photos can be found on the Clandestine Cake Club website)


  1. Lovely post Gillian, and a beautiful day too. Can't wait for our next meet xx

  2. Thanks, Carmela, I'm looking forward to it, too! x