March 2014

March 2014

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An exciting delivery

Last week we took delivery of a new oven. To most, this would not be an exciting event but I have soldiered on for the last 2 years with a rather elderly model. We believe that previous occupants of our house successfully cleaned off the oven temperatures figures on the front panel, making life particularly difficult in that I had to physically guess the correct oven heat. Not an insubstantial feat! Sometimes, it worked OK but, more often than not, rather burnt 'offerings' were presented at table. Anyway, I couldn't wait to test whether I had forgotten how to cook a perfectly presentable cake and this is the result. Its an adaptation of a recipe I found in Woman and Home magazine - "Orange and Pecan cake". I am personally not overly fond of orange flavouring and so I changed the fruit to lemon and the nut content to hazelnuts. To say the least, it worked a treat and I found the oven had a very even heat and, being quite wide internally, I could easily position two tins on one shelf. I'm now looking forward to many more baking challenges with a reliable cooker.

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